Welcome to the Bearpen Lodge!

The “Bearpen Lodge” (as we like to call our little mountain retreat) is nestled in the head of the valley between two of the 35 Catskill Mountains whose elevations are above 3500’.  These mountains are Bearpen, at 3600’, and Vly, at 3529’.  Bearpen is the mountain to the northwest of the cabin, while Vly is to the east.  Both mountains have bushwhack trails to the summits (for those of you aspiring to join the “3500 Club”) where you will find a phenomenal view atop Bearpen, and a bunch of trees atop Vly.  To hike / snowshoe these trails please feel free to call us for more information on where to get started.  Bearpen trail may be open to snowmobiling in the winter months and is much more open and easier to follow.  It is a hike of a few hours round trip from the cabin (depending on weather conditions, etc.) and it is definitely worth the view.

If you are interested in a stay at the Bearpen Lodge, please check our Calendar for availability and events in the area you might like to attend.  Also visit our Tips page for some important information on having a good stay.  Take a look at the Gallery for pictures of the house and some of the grounds.  Finally, if you have any questions, please ask!  Send an email to info@bearpenlodge.com.

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